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Fast forward your lettings process

Property Passport     pre-qualifies tenants so you can make informed decisions for faster lets




Save £75 per let by working smarter


Free pre-qualified tenant leads

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Reduce time-to-let by over 48 hours

What is included

We offer you and your tenants a range of options when it comes to creating a Property
Passport   . Regardless of which you start with, if you need more detail you can
upgrade to any other product and only pay for the highest-tier option.



Charge applies to uncertified+, uncertified++ and certified Property PassportsTM.

Making the lettings process logical

You wouldn’t interview a candidate for a job before you’d received their CV, so why
should renting be different? Asking tenants to create a free Property Passport
means you can be assured they’re suitable before investing your valuable time.


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Pre-qualify tenants for free

Direct your tenants to create a free Property Passport    . They can securely
share it with you online so you can check key suitability indicators including
credit history and rent limit.


Same quality checks

We complete all checks to the same standard as our traditional referencing
service. There’s no compromise on quality and you can still qualify for our
Rent & Legal Protection and other insurances*.
*Uncertified++ and certified Property Passports     only




Flexible payment options

If you wish to upgrade a Property Passport     you can make payment yourself
or charge it directly to your landlord and we’ll collect the payment for you.
Tenants can are also free to upgrade at their own expense if they wish.


Built-in revenue growth

Works seamlessly with our insurance and utility management services to
support tenants and generate revenue for your business.


Faster referencing

Encouraging applicants to create a Property Passport     early on means
you can instantly request verified references once you’re ready to proceed -
so there’s no delays.


Are you boxing clever yet?

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