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Get flexible, high-quality referencing on all your tenants and guarantors until 1st August 2022. Choose from three referencing services to suit you:

Offer for new customers only. Subject to offer terms and conditions


The smartest, most flexible referencing on the market


Trusted by 1,000+ lettings offices

We check over 20,000 applicants every month for some of the biggest brands in the lettings market


Sophisticated fraud detection

With nearly 200 data points checked on every applicant, we combine complex data analysis with human intuition to fight fraud


Tech with a human touch

The perfect balance of advanced tech and human intellect to deliver reliable results


Built on over 15 years’ experience

Referencing is where we started and now have 245+ years’ combined experience in our team


Fast, accurate referencing results

Powered by Open Banking to help eliminate fraud risk and return results 80% faster


Everything you need in one place

BOX integrates all the lettings products you need including specialist insurance and utilities management


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